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Welcome to GOSSIP!

KRYSS Network’s very own podcast where alternative perspectives make sense. Join our conversations as we unpack our local state of affairs with a gender lens.


“Growing up, alternative perspectives never make sense to me.” – One of KRYSS’s Members during an internal meeting

Oftentimes when we hear dissenting viewpoints, our immediate response is to become dismissive as we are entrapped in our own biases. We created GOSSIP with an aim to build spaces where we can engage in a dialogue, shining a light on perspectives that are not normally found or frequently talked about in the mainstream scope, especially when it comes to analysing issues from a gender lens.

We believe by generating dynamic democratic discussions we can collectively broaden our understanding, knowledge, and attitudes about the workings of the world and the social issues plaguing our country.

So join us and feel free to leave a comment/ message to unpack with us on our monthly conversations as we work together to foster a healthy political conversation climate in our community.

(PS. We chose the name ‘GOSSIP’ because it has always been negatively associated with women dishing other people’s personal and private affairs behind their backs when back in the days, gossiping was simply a manner for close friends or siblings to communicate in order to form bonds and express affection. It was also discovered to be therapeutic for women who were asked to stay at home all day.

You can read more about the word’s interesting history here.

Latest Episode

Ep 15: Digital Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Many of us consider internet access as a utility we consume rather than a human right. Yet, only a fraction understand that our human rights should extend into digital spaces, intercepting into the design and application of digital technology. As our lives, both online and offline intertwine, it becomes crucial to recognise our digital rights as inseparable from our broader human rights framework.

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