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Collection and generation of resources is a part of our working area where we expand our knowledge and the voices of communities.

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This section features a compilation of toolkits and guides related to the promotion and protection of our freedom of expression, whether online or offline, produced by KRYSS Network and/or by our partners.

Online Gender-Based Violence Resource Toolkit

Online violence affects millions of people but girls, women, and gender-diverse people are more likely to be the survivors and victims of it. The ubiquity of digital technologies only means that there are new ways for gender-based violence to manifest with even greater intensity and reach.

This issue is known as ‘online gender-based violence (OGBV)’ and it is deeply rooted in the structural issues of gender inequalities, actively acting as a barrier against our freedom of expression and our public as well as political participation.

As part of our efforts to develop knowledge that could contribute to the elimination of online gender-based violence as well as build a safer online space for all, we will be launching our ‘Online Gender-Based Violence Resource Toolkit’, a living, breathing document that serves to act as a guideline for anyone interested in learning and taking action against OGBV in Malaysia.

This toolkit is targeted but not limited to:

  • Survivors and victims of online gender-based violence
  • Individuals or organisations interested in building safer digital spaces and technologies for all
  • The general public who is interested in understanding more about online gender-based violence and how to challenge it


The toolkit also covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Online Gender-Based violence
  • Types of Online Gender-Based Violence
  • What Should You Do When You Encountered Online Gender-Based Violence
  • Laws in Malaysia Related to Online Gender-Based Violence
  • Reporting Mechanisms
  • Types of Support to Seek
  • and many more!

Our toolkit is now available in English and Bahasa Melayu. To access our toolkit, click below:

Bahasa Melayu

#SupportSurvivors Series

This two-part series is our way of showing solidarity with victims and survivors who are ready to tell their stories on social media. It is to celebrate and support the courage of sexual assault survivors. We believe preparation and risk assessment is key, more so in an environment that resorts to victim blaming or disbelieving of victims’ stories.

This series of guides is jointly prepared by KRYSS Network and SpeakUp Malaysia to provide support and solidarity for victims and survivors who are ready to speak up.

#SupportSurvivors Series Part 1

Telling Your Story of Sexual Violence and Harassment Over Social Media

Speaking up about your truth about sexual violence and sexual harassment is an uphill task and a traumatising experience. We have seen what the #MeToo movement has done in raising further awareness on how women are affected by sexual violence and harassment. The movement has certainly encouraged women to speak out on what they have been silent on for so long and to be more supportive of a fellow victim.

The voices and stories of survivors and victims are critical in the much-needed societal change and law reforms.

Click to read the guide

#SupportSurvivors Series Part 2

Naming & Tagging Sexual Assault Perpetrators on Social Media

If you are thinking about speaking up on social media, one of the things you are probably thinking about is whether you should name and tag the perpetrator.

This guide consists of a list of things to consider when doing so as well as a risk assessment for your safety.

Click to read the guide

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