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Our Work

Promoting freedom of expression, focusing on women and gender non-conforming individuals through knowledge, voice, and collective action.

What We Do

Towards enabling equal access and the right to freedom of opinion and expression for all, especially women/girls and gender non-conforming persons, our inclusive and intersectional strategic approach centers on “knowledge”, “voice” and “collective action”. All three strategic approaches have a deliberate emphasis on gender on our three key areas of change: Shaping Public Discourse for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination, Elimination of Hate Speech and Online Gender-Based Violence, and Institutional Reforms and Social Change.

Our Strategic Approaches


We seek to enhance human rights advocacy and communication strategies through knowledge-building towards ensuring gender equality and non-discrimination in Malaysia.


We want to embrace Malaysian voices and focus on expanding the discursive space for gender equality, non-discrimination, and human rights in the country.

Collective Action

We strongly believe in movement-building and aim to focus on strengthening collective action by recognising and acknowledging that every single woman, man, and gender-diverse person is a catalyst for social change.

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