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REVOLUSIS Animation: Sedar Diri

Dinda, Illustrated and Animated by Row Yow

In today’s day and age, many people are under the impression that girls are hypersexualised and are uninhibited in presenting themselves sexually over social media. This perception is influenced by a pervasive victim-blaming culture where it is always the girls’ fault for not exercising restraint in how they present themselves in public when they get attacked online or when men sexually harass them. Not many understand why girls use this agency and how society has actually encouraged them to seek such self-validation.

Sedar Diri is KRYSS Network’s first animation project. It is a pilot episode that builds on the REVOLUSIS graphic novel. The 8-minute video tells the story of a much younger Dinda who doesn’t feel attractive enough or cool enough to get boys’ attention until she meets Pejal, a boy who suddenly shows interest in her. The animation unpacks Dinda’s insecurities, her love for Pejal, and how Pejal manipulates her, in order to raise issues of non-consensual dissemination of intimate images (NCII). The video also aims to raise awareness among girls about their own process of self-validation and why they seek it.

[Embed video here]

Story and Script Writers: Angela M. Kuga Thas, Illya Sumanto, Mischa Selamat, Serene Lim

Voice Actress: Dina Abdul
Animation, Key Assistant, Sound: Row Yow
Animation Direction, Color Keys, and Compositing: Row Yow

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