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Cover Risalah Abby

Virtual Workshop Roadshow Zine: Risalah Abby

Cover Risalah Abby

In conjunction with our 2021 Virtual Workshop Roadshow, ‘Unpacking Online Gender-Based Violence’, we created a zine to further the awareness of online gender-based violence, its harms to victims, and the resources available to help victims.

This zine centers around the story of Sara, a 15-year-old girl who becomes a victim of online gender-based violence after her pictures were leaked online without her consent. The story follows Sara and her best friend, Abby as they tried to navigate around the situation in a patriarchal society that is prone to victim-blame women and young girls.

The zine also contains an essay about a woman’s experience of being mob attacked on X (formerly ‘Twitter’) for simply voicing out, a poem themed and titled ‘Aku Juga‘, empowering collages and resources such as helplines and organisations to reach out to for assistance. This zine is written in Bahasa Malaysia in order to reach a wider audience and accommodate more youth from various backgrounds in our country. This is part of our effort to be as inclusive as possible with our work and to also ensure that children across Malaysia are made aware of the turmoils of experiencing online gender-based violence.

We hope this zine will reach out to more youth who might be affected by this issue and that it will empower them to reclaim their space in the digital sphere.

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