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Virtual Workshop Roadshow: Berani Soal (2022)

Following our successful run last year, we re-launched our virtual workshop roadshow in June 2022. With a new name, ‘Berani Soal,’ we are emphasising our commitment to providing a brave(r) and safe(r) space for our participants to explore, unpack and engage in discussions about women, girls, and LGBTQ persons’ public participation and access to freedom of expression through a gender lens. Driven by our internal house rule of “there is no such thing as stupid questions” for all our workshops, we aim to encourage participants to bravely ask questions and challenge their perspectives on human rights issues.

We expanded the scope of our workshop topics beyond online gender-based violence. We now include a broader range of critical subjects that revolve around gender-related issues, such as rape culture and misogyny, feminist internet, digital security, and cancel culture. To further uphold our principles of inclusiveness, non-discrimination, opennessn and diversity in all our spaces, we were also open to topic suggestions by our participants and collaboratively built an agenda that responds to their needs.

This year, we conducted a total of 7 workshops with one of them being physical at Sunway University with Sunway University Gender Equality Club. We also had the opportunity to conduct workshops for two programmes – WOMEN:girls’s Goal programme, which marks our second year of collaboration, and Seek to Speak’s Kami Untuk Semua initiative. The latter focuses on empowering young girls in schools and universities to become passionate advocates for gender equality. Through both of these programmes, we had engaged with around 100 secondary school girls (some of them were from Sabahgovernment schools) and about 51 women university students.

Here is a list of entities for whom we had organised workshops with for 2022:

If you would like to host a workshop with us, register your interest here and we will get back to you shortly.

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