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KRYSS Network’s Workshop Roadshow: Berani Soal

One of the difficult things we found hard to articulate or enumerate is when women’s and girls’ public participation is undermined, compromised, or totally denied. We also realised there was a lack of safe and brave space for young people to unpack their knowledge on human rights from a gender lens. Hence, we sought to shape public narratives with a focus on reaching young women (which eventually included girls, young men, and boys as well).

The result of our efforts is ‘Berani Soal,’ our flagship workshop roadshow where we go to diverse communities, schools, universities and organisations to conduct a two-hours or so workshop. Through this, we encourage a safe space for open dialogue and critical questioning on human rights issues without fear of judgment.

We adopt a collaborative approach where our workshop materials are designed and delivered based on the demands and needs of our stakeholders (young people, students) and intermediaries who work with young people/students.

Check out what we have done over the years:

  • Virtual Workshop Roadshow: Berani Soal (2022)
  • Virtual Workshop Roadshow: Unpacking Online Gender-Based Violence (2021)

Whether you are a budding activist, a high school or university student leading a club or a youth initiative or you are just someone who is keen to gather a few friends to learn, we welcome anyone with different understandings of gender equality and feminism.

If you would like to host a workshop with us, register your interest here and we will get back to you shortly.

these are linked to their individual pages in case viewers are interested to read what we’ve done under berani soal for the year

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