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Hacking Hate Camp (2023)

Illustration by Aeslinn

The second Hacking Hate Camp was held from the 16th of August to 19th of August 2023 at Janda Baik, Pahang.

A planning meeting with local experts working in the OGBV field was held earlier this year to help us in developing the design, methodology and content for the camp. Participants were by invitation only and shortlisted by those in the planning meeting. The curation of participants was done with consideration to ensure, as best as possible, equal representation from all communities and based on their involvement in advocacy around OGBV.

Our participants were inclusive of people from various organisations such as women’s rights groups, queer rights groups, lawyers, journalists and counsellors. We ensured that this camp was not limited to those from Klang Valley only, by including participants from Penang, Sabah and Sarawak, which included indigenous communities who worked in the same field.

The camp employed three different types of activities which are all collective sessions where everyone in the room talks about the same thing, open space sessions where participants can propose and lead sessions, and non-mandatory evening activities. Open space technology was employed to ensure agency and autonomy among participants to lead discussions on topics relevant to digital rights and OGBV.

Participant-led discussions covered topics such as ‘Creating safe(r) spaces for children & teenagers online’, ‘Reimagining justice for survivors of OGBV’, ‘What does accountability look like within the movement?’ and ‘How to ‘woke’ people in the Malaysian context’.

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